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We at McCullough Sparks believe in providing impeccable services to clients from all economic backgrounds. We strive to build lasting relationships and ensure our community knows they can continue to trust us for all of their estate planning and asset protection needs. Read on for a few thoughts from our satisfied clients!

"My first contact with them was when Lee prepared and had delivered to me a critical piece of my estate planning for signature late one evening when I was very ill in a local office. Have you ever had such an experience? I find them to be thorough, thoughtful and efficient in their work. I will never be needing the services of another attorney. I give them 10 stars out of 9 possible and have gladly recommended them to my friends and colleagues."
Jeffrey Mathews
"For the best asset protection, I use McCullough Sparks."
Jeff Kearl
Chairman of the Board Skullcandy
"When under attack, I slept well knowing that McCullough Sparks had done my asset protection work."
Dave Hunter
Founder of Stone 5 Studios
"I trust McCullough Sparks with my asset protection planning."
John Pestana
Founder of Omniture
"My asset protection strategy has proven itself exceptionally well. "
Matt Heaton
Founder of Bluehost
"We have trusted McCullough Sparks with our asset protection planning for many years. Our trust was sued and the judge upheld the trust and ruled that the trust assets were not available to the other party."
Clay Foy

Google Reviews

Carolyn Weber
a month ago
Our entire extended family has been positively impacted by our working with Attorney Randy Sparks. His excellent, detailed work truly is "bringing us peace of mind". One example stands clearly in our minds: Randy had prepared papers for …More
Eric Scharaga
3 weeks ago
I had Lee create an advanced asset protection trust for me about 10 years ago after doing a ton of research on the topic and interviewing 5 attorneys. I decided on Lee because in my opinion he knows the topic inside and out, has the best …More
Gary Deaton
a month ago
I am so grateful I finally found an Estate Attorney who follows up, stays on top of things and does annual reviews. This was the 3rd Legal Firm I have used for my Estate and it will be my last. …More
Michelle Smith
3 weeks ago
The people at McCullough Sparks are incredibly professional, kind and knowledgeable. We had a really good experience using them and we’d highly recommend them. They helped my husband and i with our will, among other things. Great experience !!
Jeff Marchant
a month ago
My experience with McCullough Sparks was incredible. I love specialists! Estate planning an asset protection is what they do, and they do it very well! I have a new sense of relief knowing that things are set up the way they’re supposed to …More
Michael Stevens | Capital Wealth Advisors
a month ago
Being in the financial industry, I do serious due diligence to make sure it is the best of the best for all my clientele. McCullough Sparks fit the bill so well that in addition to referring them clients, I also became a client. Despite …More
Nosibor One
a month ago
I cannot begin to express our gratitude towards the entire McCullough Sparks team. On my first conversation with Randy, he was able to grasp exactly what my wife and I were needing for our estate planning. …More
W. Lee
a month ago
I enjoyed working with McCullough Sparks and highly recommend them if you are constructing a family trust. Great people, easy to work with and great insight into the process. They are very knowledgeable and highly recommended!
Al Switzler
4 weeks ago
Lee and the team at McCullough Sparks have been exceptional. They have listened well, been thorough, and gone the extra mile in the multiple times we needed legal and professional services. My best compliments, thanks, and ratings.
Jacob Baadsgaard
a month ago
Lee was first recommended by a friend and after working with them for several years now I'd highly recommend them myself. I love that I have a partner to help me think through my life circumstances at home and work and ensure I'm setup for success.
Laurie Price
a week ago
Great people to work with, and they are the BEST at what they do! I trust them so much that I have already recommended other family members to work with them.
Keith Jacobson
a month ago
Best service ever. Lee and Randy have saved our family a lot of money and brought us great peace of mind. Thank you all!
Tom Peck
a month ago
They have been very professional and helpful with setting up trusts and transferring deeds and always answering any questions we’ve had. We would highly recommend McCullough & Sparks.
Zack Burbidge
a month ago
Amazing place!! They are highly personable and extremely skilled at what they do. Won’t use another firm.
Manoel Amorim
3 weeks ago
McCullough Sparks worked on several aspects of our family estate planning. We have also worked with them on tax opinions, LLC preparation and management and Trust preparation. Very professional, clearly experts on the legal issues they …More
Eric Rea
a month ago
We love McCullough Sparks and they did a great job with all of the work we partnered with them on.
Jeff Nelson
4 months ago
I have used Lee’s services for years. He and his staff have always been so professional, prompt and kind. The work performed by MCCullough Sparks is top notch and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Richard Seal
10 months ago
As someone who follows the estate planning world pretty close, these attornies give great advice at a good value
Colette Hokanson
a year ago
Randy and Lee and their awesome team are the best I’ve ever worked with! They made the creation of our estate plan seamless and no stress. They are so personable and know their stuff! Don’t hesitate to use them!
Jim & Bette Jo Croft
a year ago
I initially misinterpreted Mr. Sparks' efforts in drafting our estate legal materials and was mistakenly upset. I should have read his work more closely but was confused due to a recent cerebral hemorrhage. Once he learned of my …More
Nicholas Dutson
4 years ago
McCullough Sparks are amazing! When it comes to lawyers I have always felt a little intimidated when talking with them, but that is not the case at all here. When I talk with Randy he always makes me feel comfortable and taken care of. …More
Donald Reay
a year ago
Best asset protection attorneys in the state.
Tom Watkins
4 years ago
Without hesitation I would recommend this team to anyone needing counsel in estate and tax planning. They are excellent listeners in understanding individual needs and customizing professional help. A real gift is their ability to make each …More
Paul Staten
4 years ago
Randy has helped us in many legal matters over the years and has been a great resource of advice and guidance. I appreciate the care that he takes to ask questions to make sure he is on the same page as I am a bit scatterbrained myself. We will continue to recommend him to everyone that we know!
Hillary Morgan
4 years ago
I have been working with McCullough Sparks for over 8 years. They are prompt, professional, and their estate planning and tax advice is sound. They provide excellent service to their clients and are reasonable in their planning …More
David Frazier
3 years ago
Lee McCullough III is at the top of his game! Exceptional service and knowledge. The best estate planning attorney in Utah, without question.
Andrew Lyle
2 years ago

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